So, you think you could have your own Reality Show?  Do you really know how to get the attention of the Networks, Production Companies and other Platforms that support your endeavor?  Do you need an Agent?  A Manager?  An entertainment attorney? What materials do you need?  How much money does it cost to develop materials to be taken seriously?

Where do you start?  Who helps you?

With more than 25 years experience in representing nationally and internationally known clients in the entertainment industry and producing content, Kathy L. Carter has spent years developing known and unknown Talent’s materials and brands plus strategizing and packaging Talent with Production companies for reality shows.  She is known for being Talent-heavy: starting with the individual talent or group of people and developing unscripted content based around the Talent’s expertise and personality.

As an Executive Producer, she works with owners of nationally known products and services to create content for a sizzle reel, pilot and deck to pitch Networks, Studios and production companies for television and streamer series.  She also reaches out to her contacts at agencies and management companies to support the project if needed.

Kathy L. Carter has worked with experts and personalities in Food, Interior Design, Real Estate, Automotive, RV, Music, Law (lawyers, District Attorneys) Crime (Homicide Detectives, Police, CIA, Death Penalty), Street Art, Graffiti Art, Alligator Hunters, Trail Guides, Exotic Animals, Vets, House Moms, Entrepreneurs Hair, Beauty, Organization, Landscape, Comedy, Clean-up, Suicide Prevention, Hospitality, Bar Owners, Restaurant Owners, Actors, Wrestlers, Breakers, Hosts, Pet Owners, Mechanics, Archeologists, Welders, Toy Makers, Philatelists, Restoration, Beauty Pageant Contestants, Drag Queens, Green Berets and more. If there is a person with an expertise, no matter how typical or atypical, Kathy knows how to develop, package and pitch that individual, group or company to Networks, Production companies and other Platforms; therefore, she can help you to be taken seriously.

You have one chance for the right first impression.