Lee Reherman

IN MEMORIAM - Lee Reherman 1966-2017

Since his early days as THE HAWK on The American Gladiators, Lee Reherman has been a recognizable entertainment personality for nearly two decades, now boasting ACTING, HOSTING, VOICE OVER, & PRODUCTION CREDITS in over 100 Television & Feature Film projects; his broad resume includes everything from wacky DISNEY characters, to gritty SHOWTIME roles, to hi-octane SPEED hosting gigs. Reherman recently finished his 7th Season of Hot Rod TV for SPEED, his 2nd Season of Off Road Overhaul for THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL, & his 1st Season of Game Changers for STAGE 5 TV; and last year, Reherman added a season of SPEED’s Battle of the Supercars to his car show hosting resume, and was one of the voices of the VISA NFL Superbowl Campaign. Over the years, Reherman has hosted for almost every network, including Best Damn on FOX, StressTest on HGTV, That Yin Yang Thing on TLC, RollerJam on SPIKE, Arena on G4, The American Veteran Awards on HISTORY, & The XFL on NBC.

His unique story began in the early 1990’s, when Reherman, with a BS from Cornell University and an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School, started his professional career at UCLA teaching graduate level macroeconomics as a Ph.D. Candidate and "think tank analyst" for the CALIFORNIA BUSINESS FORCASTING PROJECT. Then, in 1993, Reherman left UCLA and became “THE HAWK” on The American Gladiators, when Samuel Goldwyn lured him from Academia to the Entertainment Business. Since then, his track record as both a corporate leader and an “on-camera” personality have grown exponentially.

On the finance side, Lee Reherman has created and grown four corporate entities, beginning with the launch of LJR INC in 1994. Currently, Reherman is the CFO of HOLSTER INC/BLO & GO, a Beauty Product Retailer; He is the Treasurer of the CYKC, a Non-Profit Organization that runs After-School Programs for at risk children in Inner-City School Districts; and he is the Vice-President of LG ENTERTAINMENT, a production company that has 2 Feature Film projects and a Veterans Awards Show slated for 2013 & 2014.

In recent years, Reherman’s economic expertise & TV experience have been sought to host financial content on shows such as Plan B for CMT and That Yin Yang Thing for TLC.