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Kathy Leigh Carter, Producer

As a licensed attorney in Texas and California along with being an entertainment executive in Hollywood for over 25 years, Kathy Leigh Carter packages shows as an Executive Producer based around Experts, Personalities and nationally known Companies for multiple entertainment platforms. 






Before shifting over to producing full time, Kathy represented nationally and internationally known clients in movies, television, hosting, commercials, voiceovers and home shopping networks.  She spent years developing known and unknown Talent’s materials and brands while  strategizing and connecting Talent with casting directors, production companies and networks.  


The Nashville country music community met Kathy in 2000 when she filled a void with a major music touring agency who didn’t have a movie or tv department to represent their top country stars for projects based out of Los Angeles.  She secured television, films, reality shows and talk shows for them.  This led to Kathy becoming a Country Music Association member and being able to vote for the Country Music Awards every year. Fun! She became an ASCAP songwriter in 2020 when she co-wrote Justice Reins with H. Jack Williams that will be the title song of an upcoming series. 

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On-camera, Kathy traversed the country with Fox Sports to NASCAR Nation events as a Judge for the hit series Fast Track to Fame to discover the hottest undiscovered talent including singers, comedians and hometown stars.  “Traveling around the country seeing all the different kinds of talent was a blast!  I was pitching my clients for movies and tv in the SUVs traveling from the airports to the outdoor TV sets then giving advice from a big stage sitting between Riki Rachtman and a legendary NASCAR driver every week. What an experience!" 


Kathy has added to her list of accomplishments by becoming a national expert of the United States Mounted Units since 2014 and the founder of the National Mounted Law Enforcement Foundation.  She is determined to educate the public about the dire importance of law enforcement on horseback.  


“My start at 20th Century Fox Publicity Promotion, working for the William Morris Agency (now WME) in Beverly Hills and litigating in Los Angeles before starting my management production company  gave me the foundation to succeed in this creative, tough and rewarding business. Would do it all over again."

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