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Reality Show Consulting


Are you prepared to be taken seriously by the people who will support your reality show? What is your brand? Do your materials (picture, bio, resume, video) support your brand? Do you have or do we need to create the correct materials to promote you? How do you get someone’s attention in the entertainment business?


Do you know how to :

– Present your brand efficiently and effectively

– Prepare for meetings with executives, producers, managers and agents

– Have the right Logline or pitch for you or your project?

Are you ready to prepare for the opportunity of your own show?

With more than 25 years experience in representing nationally and internationally known clients in the entertainment industry and producing content, Kathy Leigh Carter creates, develops, strategizes and packages unscripted content based around experts and national products to expand their brand utilizing entertainment platforms. 

Kathy will help you create content for a sizzle reel, pilot and deck to pitch networks, studios and production companies for television and streamer series.  She also reaches out to her contacts at agencies and management companies to support the project if needed.

Kathy has worked with experts and personalities in Food, Interior Design, Real Estate, Automotive, RV, Music, Lawyers (Prosecutors, DA's, Civil) Crime (Homicide Detectives, Police, CIA, Death Penalty), Street Art, Graffiti Art, Alligator Hunters, Trail Guides, Exotic Animals, Vets, House Moms, Entrepreneurs, Hair, Beauty, Organization, Landscape, Comedy, Clean-up, Suicide Prevention, Hospitality, Bar Owners, Restaurant Owners, Actors, Wrestlers, Breakers, Hosts, Pet Owners, Mechanics, Archeologists, Welders, Toy Makers, Philatelists, Restoration, Beauty Pageant Contestants, Green Berets and more. 

If you are a person with an expertise or product, no matter how typical or atypical, Kathy can consult you on the materials needed to get the attention of entertainment executives to move you forward to a larger audience and viewership.

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